What are the Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu for Children?

From building self-confidence to making new friends and getting fit, there are so many ways your child can benefit when they learn a martial art.

  • Get fit – gain overall body fitness and increased stamina
  • Social skills – make new friends in a safe environment
  • Self-confidence – raise self-esteem
  • Have fun – Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Respect – learn discipline and patience
  • Behaviour – improve concentration and self-control
  • Teamwork – build important life skills
  • Well-being – gain a positive mental attitude
  • Travel – take part in tournaments and fun events

Benefits for ages 5 to 9 years

Our Okami Cubs Jiu Jitsu Academy classes are a fun and friendly way for younger kids to exercise and learn new skills. By the end of each class, your child will have burned calories and improved their balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, muscle tone, and coordination; without even being aware of it.

For younger children, the most important thing is that they are happy and enjoying themselves, as they take part in activities designed to encourage them to physically interact with a range of soft obstacles and equipment, including rope ladders, hoops, cones, bean bags and parachutes.

It’s also a great opportunity to socialise your child and make friends outside of school or year groups. This can be beneficial if your child is experiencing bullying or if they’re simply wanting to make new friends and enjoy being active.

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Benefits for ages 9 years to teenage

Jiu-jitsu also helps older children to set goals, stay motivated and problem-solve; all essential skills that can be transferred to their everyday school life. For teens, learning a martial arts can also help relieve stress and improve their ability to focus – all useful when they approach their exams.

As they progress, older children and teens will benefit from the more rigorous training sessions and grappling work, where they gain the skills and endurance needed to move through the grading system and earn their belts.

The classes give your child a real confidence boost and they can even go on to represent the club and compete in the many competitions that are organised throughout the year.

Take a look at our competition rules here or read about even more benefits of jiu-jitsu for children here.

I cannot recommend this club enough. My son joined a couple of years ago and the level of well-being this has provided him with is phenomenal. Discipline and fitness are only the start of it. The club has a real family feel to it with tremendous support both within and from the parent’s involvement too. My daughter has recently joined too, for them to have a mutual interest is somewhat rare, so that speaks volumes for the way everyone is tailored to as an individual, whilst also having a strong team bond.

Sare Beecroft, Parent