Find out what Okami Jiu Jitsu has been getting involved with in the local community

Self Defence Workshop 2023

Under supervision from head coach Sensei Mike Priestley, our recently graded brown belts Jenna and Olivia ran a self-defence workshop in Dronfield, at the 2nd Baptist Dronfield Guides.

Techniques taught on the evening included:

  • Demonstrating striking points and how they affect an attacker.
  • Pad work to practise various strikes using different parts of the body including, feet, knees, elbows and fists.
  • Defence against a grab, and a grab and punch.
  • Defence against holds and strangles from both rear and front attacks.

The guides did a great job and asked lots of questions and were very energetic! At the end of the session the okami demo team were presented with a box of Cadbury’s Heroes for their efforts.

Dronfield Arts Festival 2022

Okami Jiu Jitsu enjoyed putting on a demonstration and self-defence workshop at the Dronfield Arts Festival for a 2nd time in 2022. Our students put on a great show and demonstrated various techniques from their syllabus work before welcoming our spectators to come on the mats and have a go themselves with a variety of self defence techniques being shown by instructors with the help of the students.

The EMJJA Okami Jiu Jitsu Association were delighted to sponsor the Dronfield Arts Festival Creative Writing Competition that Dronfield Henry Fanshawe Students participated in.

Okami Jiu Jitsu were amazed to see how many students had entered their stories into the competition. We would like to say a huge congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone that took part, including the Henry Fanshawe School and teachers for supporting the students.

Instructors, EMJJA Okami

The EMJJA Okami Jiu Jitsu Association participated in the Dronfield Arts Festival weekend. The Okami demo team put on a high impact demo followed by a workshop teaching self defence techniques to the public in the manor gardens. Yorkshire Waters very own Wipeasaurus joined us in the workshop and showing us his martial arts skills.

Okami would like to say a huge thank you to all our students and the public who took part, and also to Dronfield Arts Festival for inviting us to join them in their fun filled weekend

Instructors, EMJJA Okami

Sensei Mike, Sensei Becky & Jenna from EMJJA Okami Jiu Jitsu, ran a self defence workshop at the Dronfield Girl Guides class on Tuesday 25th June 2019, focussing on techniques to evade grabs and chokes, along with practical tips on self defence. The girls did a great job and and got stuck in from the outset.

Okami would like to say a huge thank you to Dronfield Girl Guides for inviting us to their club and letting us teach the girls some new self defence skills. A big shout out to Jenna too for introducing the two clubs together and for organising for the event to take place

Instructors, EMJJA Okami